Yoga Asanas To Reduce Knee Pain: Video

Knee ache is a common problem confronted by people of every age. Gone are the days when humans of old age used to be afflicted by knee pain. With the cutting-edge lifestyle led by young humans these days, knee pain is a persistent trouble rampant in them as properly. With the work-at-home culture placed in, we’ve brought our office to our houses. This has similarly decreased motion for us. We spend long working hours restricted to a chair or the couch. Hence, this cuts down leg motion, leading to knee pain. However, knee aches can occur for numerous reasons – from sitting in a confined area to sprain to the heavy physical pastime.

However, knee pain can be decreased with the right type of asanas. Addressing this, Sarvesh Shashi, in his current Instagram post, shared three yoga asanas that may assist with this common trouble. He also introduced that we frequently believe that knee pain is trouble confronted only by old humans, while people of all ages suffer from this. “Knee ache slowing you down? Let yoga help reduce pain and enhance mobility for a more vibrant life,” wrote Sarvesh. Take an examination of the yoga asanas cautioned by Sarvesh inside the video.

Baddha Konasana



The asanas counseled by Sarvesh come with more than one fitness blessing. Baddha Konasana strengthens and enhances flexibility within the inner thighs, groins, and knees. It also facilitates stretching the adductors, inner quadriceps, and hamstrings. Tadasana, however, facilitates improving movement and toning the core muscle tissues. It additionally allows for boosting posture and coordination of the body. Performing Trikonasana every day helps grow stability and increase the spine. Opening the hips and shoulders and reducing strain are a number of Trikonasana’s advantages.

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