West Bengal: CM Mamata Banerjee blocks Governor Dhankhar on Twitter, says ‘not his servant’


Kolkata (West Bengal) [India](ANI): West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday blocked Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on microblogging site Twitter alleging that the latter makes unethical and unconstitutional statements against the state administration.

Banerjee held a cabinet meeting at the state secretariat ‘Nabanna’ on Monday. Following the meeting, the chief minister said, “Every day, the Governor abuses my administration. Makes unethical and unconstitutional statements. We have to listen to him as if we are his servants. He treats the elected government as bonded labour. Today I blocked him. I am sorry but I was forced to do this. I had written to Prime Minister several times on this issue.”
“He calls my officers daily. From DMs, SPs to the chief secretary, he is threatening everyone. People of Bengal do not fear anyone and bow down heads. He should not interfere in policy decisions. Pegasus is happening from Raj Bhawan. The Pegasus is used by the Centre as well as the Raj Bhawan,” she added.

Meanwhile, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar hit back at chief minister Banerjee saying that dialogue amongst constitutional functionaries is the essence and spirit of democracy and mandate of the constitution.

Taking to Twitter, the Governor said, “Under Article 167 it is Constitution ‘duty’ of the Chief Minister to furnish such information relating to the administration of the affairs of the State and proposals for legislation as the Governor may call for. Why ‘block’ information to Governor now for two years?”

Referring to constitutional provisions, the Governor said Article 159 of the Constitution mandates to ensure none in the state “blocks” Constitutional Norms and Rules of Law and those in authority “bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India.”

Dhankhar also shared his WhatsApp message to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sent on Monday morning.

“Dialogue and harmony amongst constitutional functionaries is essence and spirit of democracy and mandate of the constitution. This can blossom with mutual regard and respect. There has been all through highest personal regard for you from my side. Am sure this will receive your thoughtful consideration. Regards,” reads the message.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar are at loggerheads after the latter took office. The chief minister had several times alleged that the Governor makes statements in political interest and interferes in the business of State government. Governor Dhankhar on other hand accused the state government of mishandling the law and order situation. (image -instagram)

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