We did not provide any recognition to PUBG in India, says IOA chief Narinder Batra


New Delhi [India]: The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) on Thursday rejected providing any kind of sort of acknowledgment to the mobile game PUBG.
This statement followed the National Commission for Defense of Kid Rights (NCPCR) created a letter to the Details and Technology Ministry as well as IOA, looking for an answer that exactly how PUBG is getting downloaded on the cellphones by the minors when the video game has been obstructed by the government.

” No, IOA does not offer any type of acknowledgment which protests the nation and also the law. We do not permit them to advertise any type of type of violent games. Yes, that’s true that Esports pertained to us but we haven’t given them any kind of recognition,” IOA principal Narinder Batra told media.

On the other hand, NCPCR chairman Priyank Kannongo stated, “Yes, we have written a letter to IOA additionally as well as we desire an elaborate answer from them. If they claim that they have not provided any kind of recognition to PUBG, then they have to inform us in a written fashion.”

” We also desire an answer from the IT Ministry. These type of video games ought to be banned as they make our kids violent. This is a very major issue which has to be managed meticulously,” she added.

Mobile video games like PUBG have come to be a matter of concern for the federal government as they have triggered countless incidents.

Just recently, a 16-year-old boy, that was addicted to playing mobile games, fired his mother dead for reprimanding him over his PUBG dependency. The young boy later secured his 10-year-old sis in a room as well as sat with his mom’s cadaver at his residence in Aldico Nest of Lucknow’s PGI area, Uttar Pradesh Cops stated on June 8.

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