Ways To Build Deeper Connection With Your Partner

As you go about your daily routine, day after day, month after month, it’s easy to lose that special connection with your beloved that makes you feel at ease with him or her. If you have not been spending enough time with your partner lately, you will realise that you are growing emotionally distant and that is not a nice feeling. Just as one craves for ‘me time’, the importance of ‘we time’ is no less.

There are many ways to build a deeper connection with your partner and including them in your journey of learning. One of them is doing something new together or pursuing a common hobby. Also, take out time every day to communicate and discuss your feelings and fears. If you feel there are some misunderstandings that are stopping you from connecting with each other, take time for clearing them out.

Psychologist Sara Kuburic who is popularly known as Millenial Therapist talks about tips to build deeper connections in her recent Instagram post.

Practice vulnerability: Share your thoughts, feelings, dreams or fears. Show them who you are, rather than what you think they want you to be.

Try something new together: Get comfortable exploring the world together, playing together, and growing together.

Be curious: Stop assuming you know everything there is to know about a person. Keep being curious and allow them to show you who they are and who they are becoming (don’t let your projections and expectations get in the way).

Face conflict (stop avoiding it): Face conflict with empathy and openness. Focus on understanding and connecting with the other person (rather than on being “right”).

Give non-physical compliments: Let the other person know what qualities you admire and love about them. It will make them feel seen and appreciated.

Apologize when wrong: Take accountability for your words and actions. Validate the hurt you have been caused.

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