Vivo unveils OriginOS Ocean with new music player, camera app

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Dongguan [China]: Vivo unveiled its new OriginOS Ocean user interface on Thursday. The tech giant had a big event for its home crowd, since the UI is still available only in China, overseas phones ship with FuntouchOS.
The OriginOS Ocean is the second major release and brings overhauled visuals and more information available at glance, reported GSM Arena. The manufacturer has posted a list of all phones that will get the new OriginOS in the future, and it includes a staggering amount of 47 different models. There are phones from all price ranges and lineups, dating back to the Vivo NEX 3S from two years ago.
It is worth noting the rollout will happen in four batches. The first will be starting in a couple of weeks, with the X70 and X60 series lined up for the beta, as well as the latest iQOO phones and S series devices.
All the phones will get a feature, roughly translated as ‘Child Guardian’, which will link the device to a parent’s device, and the grown-up can see how the phone is positioned, and therefore can relate what is the child’s posture.
There are also functions like seeing how long the device is being used, which app is being used and can turn on vision protection.
In terms of safety and security, OriginOS Ocean will stop keeping passwords, biometric data and other records on cloud platforms unless specifically required by the user.
Other new features include a redesigned music player (Walkman), a new dialer interface, a reading app that brings content from various sources at one place, and a new camera app. Vivo said that it has designed the OS to offer a smoother experience and lower-power consumption.

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