Vadivelu: ‘My Ambition Is To Make People Happy For As Long As I Live’

Announcing his return to Tamil films after a gap of four years, one of Tamil cinema’s popular comedians Vadivelu said that his ambition was to make people happy for as long as he lived. The actor will be playing the lead in Naai Sekar, directed by Suraaj.

At a press conference to announce the launch of this new project, the popular comedian said, “No one would have suffered the pain that I have suffered in the recent past. People call me ‘Vaigai Puyal’, but my life was ravaged by a hurricane.”

The comedian narrated a story to explain the state of mind he had been in recent times. “A patient once went to a doctor and told him,’My heart is not at peace. I am unable to sleep. Please give me medicines to heal my sickness.’ To this, the doctor replied,’Today is Saturday. Come back on Monday and I will treat you.’ The patient refused to leave and insisted that the doctor treat him then itself. The doctor offered him an alternative solution. He told the patient that a circus was performing nearby and a clown in the circus was making everyone laugh. Stating that he had bought two tickets for himself and his wife, the doctor offered to take the patient with him to the circus on his wife’s ticket. Watching the clown perform there will make your heart light and you will be able to sleep peacefully tonight,’ the doctor advised. ‘Sir, I am that clown,’ the patient said. I, too, was like that clown,” quipped Vadivelu.

He added, “In the last four years, I haven’t acted in any film. But in the last two years, everybody in the world has been affected. The fact that so many of us have gathered here and are sitting together is purely because of God’s grace. A dreaded disease called Corona came and we all went through a torrid time together. It was so bad that a wife had to ask the body of her infected husband to be removed swiftly as she had to fear for the safety of her children. The mayhem caused by Corona made my problems appear smaller. It came and struck fear in the hearts and minds of the people. It made them lose sleep. At such a time, the fact that my comedy served to be a medicine, healing their wounds, brought me some solace.”

The actor praised the film’s producer Subashkaran for giving him a new lease of life, and expressed his gratitude to him. “From now on, my journey will be one filled with laughter. My ambition is to make people happy for as long as I live. Let us forget all that has happened because we have all suffered so much. Not just me, the film industry and the whole world has been affected. At this juncture, let me first extend my thanks to my people who have given me this life. I also express my heartfelt greetings to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin. From the time I met him, everything appears bright to me. I believe everything that happens in future also will be good,” he concluded.

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