US To Lift Travel Ban For Fully Vaccinated Travellers From November

Don’t cancel your travel plans to the United States yet, as according to latest reports, the US is looking to lift its travel ban on all air passengers in the month of November. This rule however applies to the fully vaccinated passengers who also need to get tested.

The travel ban was imposed last year when the coronavirus pandemic first broke out. The country had imposed other restrictions, much like countries across the world in order to stop the spread of the virus. Jeffrey Zients, who is the coronavirus response coordinator for President Joe Biden, said that a new consistent approach will take effect early November.

The most important rule to note here is that the travellers need to be fully vaccinated, and should have proof of vaccination.

But as of now we aren’t clear on whether the approved vaccinations for travellers are only the US-approved ones, or whether other brands would also be considered. This decision would be taken by the US Centers for Disease Control. Furthermore, it has been reported that the land border restrictions will continue as of now.

The United States is only allowing US citizens, foreigners with special visas, and residents to enter the country currently. This is all set to change come November of this year.

The pandemic has already claimed numerous American lives, a total of 670000 as per official figures.

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