US, Indonesia begin their ‘largest ever’ military drill

Kalimantan [Indonesia]: The US and Indonesia have started a two-week military exercise, in three main Indonesian islands, including Kalimantan.
The exercise is said to be the largest-ever joint military drill between the two countries with over 3,700 soldiers from both countries taking part in it, the exercise is being held to emphasize the strength of Indonesia’s ties with the United States, NHK World reported. Troops from both countries have been holding joint drills annually for the past 14 years.
Meanwhile, in a bid to check China’s predatory moves in the South China Sea (SCS), the US and Indonesia have also decided to cooperate in developing Natuna Islands in SCS.
The US has also provided Indonesia with 3.5 million dollars to build a maritime training centre this year, NHK World reported.
China has territorial disputes with Indonesia regarding the Natuna Islands. Indonesia claims sovereignty over the islands and has designated an exclusive economic zone off the island.,
Japan too, is helping Indonesia in developing fishing ports and enhancing patrol capabilities in the area to restrict China’s territorial ambitions.

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