UK to donate 20 million more AstraZeneca vaccine doses to countries in need by end of 2021

London [UK]: The United Kingdom on Saturday announced that it would donate 20 million more Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine doses by the end of the year to countries in need.
“In 2022, the UK will donate at least 20 million more Oxford-AZ doses,” a statement released by 10 Downing Street said. So far, 10 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine were sent to countries in need as part of the COVAX sharing programme and 10 million more will be sent in the next few weeks. The sent vaccine doses are part of a promised 100 million doses plan for emergency vaccination of people living in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries.
“These additional donations mean 30.6 million surplus doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca will have been given to those in need in 2021,” the statement added.
The UK will also donate 20 million doses of the Janssen vaccine that it had ordered and not used.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to participate at the G20 Summit in Rome this weekend where he will call on fellow leaders to do everything in their power to help increase vaccine supplies in countries that are in need.
During the 47th G7 Summit at Cardis Bay in Cornwall, England in June, leaders agreed to work together to reach global vaccination by 2022.

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