Tolo news reporter, cameraman beaten up by Taliban

A Tolo news reporter Ziar Yaad and his cameraman were beaten up by the Taliban in Kabul while they were working on a report on Wednesday.

Kabul [Afghanistan], August 26 : Ziar Yaad and his cameraman Baes Majidi were filming footage of jobless people and labourers in Haji Yaqoob square in the Shahr-e-Naw area of Kabul city on Wednesday morning when the Taliban beat them up. The reason is unclear, reported Tolo News. ” I was beaten by the Taliban in Kabul’s New City while reporting. Cameras, technical equipment and my personal mobile phone have also been hijacked,” said Yaad in his tweet.

Both of them were reporting on poverty and unemployment at the Haji Yaqub intersection in Kabul when they were caught unawares by the Taliban.
Meanwhile, a number of journalists said that the Taliban should not treat journalists badly, reported Tolo News.
Yaad also said that the Taliban took away his mobile phone. “When I took the picture, the Taliban came and without asking who we were, shouted and took my mobile phone. They beat me with weapons,” added Yaad.
Earlier, it was reported that Yaad was shot dead by the Taliban. Negating the news, Yaad took to Twitter and said that false news about his death had been circulating.
“Some people have spread the news of my death which is false. The Taliban got out of an armoured Land Cruiser and hit me at gunpoint,” he tweeted.

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