Tollywood Drugs Case: A Clean Chit For Telugu Movie Celebs?

The Tollywood drug scandal back in 2017 had surprised many as several known faces were accused of reportedly being involved in the drugs scandal and were served notices with serious allegations of drugs consumption and possession. They also have been grilled by the concerned officials. However, post all that, a few were given a clean chit too.

The same case has been re-opened after 4 years shocking many yet again with some new witnesses this time. Once again the ED started probing the happening Telugu stars for the last couple of weeks under the allegations of money laundering, drug procurement, consumption, and having a relationship with the drug dealer.

As per the latest reports, the film stars have been given a sigh of relief as the ED officials have reportedly confirmed that “the prime accused turned approver Kelvin’s confession and witness cannot stand ground and be considered as evidence to file a case”.

To top it, the SIT team neither found any traces of drugs in the actors’ samples nor identified any banned narcotic substances in possession of the actors.

The ED has now reportedly given a clean chit to Telugu director Puri Jagannadh and actor Tarun, however, there’s no update on other film celebs who have been interrogated. It seems a big relief for the remaining actors who were on the accused list of Tollywood’s drugs case.

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