Tips To Fry Onions Without Burning Them

No Indian gravy is complete without the perfectly fried onions, and it takes good amount of time and patience to give them a nice golden-brown hue and crispness.

Frying onion is also an art and one can save a lot of time by keeping them handy so that one can quickly rustle up a dish when short on time.

Chef Kunal Kapur in a recent Instagram video shares tips and tricks on how to fry the onions perfectly so that they serve their purpose and add great taste to your curry.

Kapur in this video took 1 kg of onion and fried them in 1 litre of oil. He says that cooking them in less oil would make them absorb more oil.


* Take the onions one by one and remove the root and the upper portion of it. Remove the peel.

* Cut the onion into two halves and slice them evenly. The better you chop, the better will be the outcome.

* If you do not have a chef’s knife, you can use the grater to evenly cut the slices

* Once the onions are sliced, put the oil in a wok and make sure the is medium to high. Onion shouldn’t be fried on low flame as they will soak excess oil.

* After the oil is heated, put some of the slices first so that the oil settles down after sputtering. Fry on medium to high flame but do not forget to stir it continuously.

* When the onion slices start getting brown, you should drop the flame so that all the slices are evenly browned.

* Get your kitchen towel ready to soak the excess oil.

* Once you achieve the light golden colour, you should remove onions from the flame. After removing the excess oil, spread it evenly on kitchen towel to save it from turning black and bitter.

The onions are ready to be used in any curry or rice dish. Kapur says they can be stored and used for the period of 2-3 months and will save a lot of cooking time.

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