Tips To Deal With Oily Skin

In today’s day and age, every individual has to follow a hectic schedule. This lifestyle pattern does not leave us with the time or the energy to incorporate a proper skincare regimen into our daily routine.

Having oily skin can be a difficult and frustrating experience, especially when it comes to managing and reducing your symptoms. Beauty influencer Karishma Yadav Bhalla shares tips to deal with oily skin.

Aloe vera
It’s naturally cleansing and incredibly versatile, whether you’re drinking its juices to support healthy digestion or applying it to your skin.

It’s anti-microbial and this is definitely a quality you want in your skin products if you suffer from oily skin, as this means it’s capable of tackling the bacteria responsible for clogging your pores. Aloe vera can also help to soak up excess oil, giving you a more balanced complexion.

Oatmeal and honey
Sounds more like part of a balanced breakfast than a recipe for a face mask, but it can be surprisingly effective. Both oatmeal and honey have natural anti-inflammatory properties, with honey also being an anti-bacterial agent too!

Oatmeal is also able to absorb excess oil whilst being very moisturizing, so may convince your skin not to produce as much sebum oil, while honey can reduce irritation and redness – together they’re the perfect double act! Just make sure you use ground oats and, when it comes to honey, go as organic and natural as possible.

Be sure of your toner
Don’t use drying toners use alcohol-based, apple cider vinegar, or rubbing alcohol to evict grease from your skin. These solutions will physically remove surface grease, but dry out the top layer of your skin. and potentially lead to rebound oil production. If you feel like you need a toner step, go with micellar water that contains both astringent and moisturizing ingredients to both mattify and protect your skin.

Sugar scrub
It can help remove dry skin and dead skin cells due to its slightly abrasive texture.
Mix sugar + lemon, this can help in making your skin look brighter.

Neem inhibits tyrosinase activity, which means that it can reduce excessive pigmentation of the skin and brighten dull-looking skin. Also, helps to combat any kind of impurities. All you You need to do it take A handful of neem leaves add 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey.

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