There are four new regions of Russia, says Vladimir Putin while declaring annexation of Ukrainian territories

Moscow [Russia]: In a huge move, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday formally announced the addition of 4 areas – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia as well as asserted that “this is the will of millions of individuals,” media reports stated.
” There are four new regions of Russia,” Putin said in an extensive speech proclaiming the addition of Ukrainian areas in the St George’s Hall at a Kremlin ceremony. The speech was full of extremely essential unsupported claims regarding Ukraine as well as its Western allies, reported Al Jazeera. Putin said the locals in the four annexed regions will now be Russia’s “people forever”.
While denying seeking revival of the Soviet Union by the stated addition, Putin charged Western states – which have actually imposed sweeping assents on Moscow over its intrusion of Ukraine.
Moreover, in a solid declaration, Putin likewise added that Russia would certainly now safeguard its new region “with all the ways at its disposal.”
Safeguarding its decision to go ahead with the referendum as well as reveal the addition of the region, the Russian President said it was the “indispensable right” of individuals in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson as well as Zaporizhia to join Russia, reported Al Jazeera.
Speaking even more, Putin claimed that individuals in eastern Ukraine composed of Donetsk and also Luhansk – had been “victims of inhumane terrorist strikes conducted by the Kyiv routine”.
He also called the result of the referendum “the will of millions of people.”
In a significant relocation by Russia, Head Of State Vladimir Putin had signed a decree identifying the supposed “freedom” of the Ukrainian regions Zaporizhzhia and also Kherson.
Furthermore, the UN Security Council is readied to elect Friday on a resolution that would certainly seek to condemn Russia for its vote in four regions under Russian control yet declared by Ukraine, media reports said.
The US-sponsored resolution would certainly call on all countries not to identify the modification in the condition of the four regions, CNN reported. The resolution, which is additionally backed by Albania, would certainly declare the UN dedication to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial honesty.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said any type of annexation of a state’s region by another state resulting from a “risk or use force” is an offense of the UN charter as well as global law.
“In this minute of peril, I should underscore my obligation as Secretary-General to promote the @UNCharter. The charter is clear. Any annexation of a state’s territory by one more state resulting from the hazard or use force is an offense of the Concepts of the Charter & international regulation,” Guterres tweeted.
On Thursday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken charged Russia of the annexation of Ukrainian areas and also called it illegal under international laws, media reports claimed. Describing Russia’s step as an act of ‘land grab’, the leading United States diplomat said that the US will certainly never recognise the addition by Moscow.
“The Kremlin’s sham referenda are an useless initiative to mask what amounts to an additional attempt at a land grab in Ukraine,” Blinken stated in a statement.

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