Taliban whip rights activist for participating in Kabul protest

Human Rights activist Habibullah Farzad was beaten brutally by the Taliban last Wednesday for participating in a protest held by women in Kabul.

Kabul [Afghanistan] September 13 : Violence against Rights activists and protesters in Afghanistan has become a common occurrence after the Taliban captured the country. A Human Rights activist Habibullah Farzad has been brutally beaten by the Taliban for participating in the protest held by women in Kabul last Wednesday, The Daily Star reported.
“They handcuffed my hands behind the back and started beating me brutally, I lost my consciousness and when I woke up approximately an hour later,” Farzad informed. “Then they took me to the other room where there were more detained people including journalists,” he added.
Women protesters demanded equal rights and decision-making roles for Afghan women in the country.
The Taliban also accused Farzad of going against ‘Islam’ and said that “You are acting against Islam so we are allowed to kill kafirs like you”.
This is not the first case when an activist has been abducted and manhandled by the Taliban in the country. Since the fall of Kabul, the group have been continuously cracking down on human rights activists and journalists who are raising voices against the outfit.
A week ago, another rights activist and journalist, Saira Saleem, who earlier raised her voice against the oppression of the Taliban informed that the terrorist group’s members are searching for her.
Saleem also informed that six Taliban members came to her home four nights ago, knocking gruffly on the door. As she hid beneath her bed, the fighters questioned her father on her whereabouts. He told them his daughter was not home, New York Post reported.
Recent scenes of barbarity in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover have exposed the devastating state of human rights in the war-ravaged country.
Dr Syed Akhtar Ali Shah, writing in The Express Tribune notes that the tragic events that unfolded in Afghanistan in recent days left everyone traumatised and sorrowful.
At present, the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, with images of gun-toting persons all around, has put the whole population in a state of siege. People’s movement has been restricted which demonstrates the absence of even the most basic of human rights in the country.

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