Skin Icing Benefits; Dos And Don’ts To Remember

There’s a reason why experts suggest putting some of your skincare products and face tools in mini skincare fridge, cooling products increases their shelf life and efficacy. Thus, using ice on the face also comes with a host of benefits which we cannot ignore. Icing is also used in several in-salon treatments and has been fairly popularised by Korean women who are known for their beauty rituals. However, are you doing it?

Benefits of Icing the Face
Skin icing means gently rubbing an ice cube or two, wrapped in a soft muslin or cotton cloth, on the face especially targeting under-eye or facial puffiness. The process of using ice or cold temperature is also called cold therapy. “Cold temperature constricts your blood vessels and encourages the body to send more warm blood to the affected area,” says Praachi Bhandari , co-founder of Aminu, a homegrown skincare brand. She further explains that the increased blood flow reduces swelling and inflammation, which helps to treat puffy eyes & tiredness, soothe and superficially tighten the skin.

Myths Vs Facts – Skin Icing
While it’s been in practice for a long time, there are some facts that people often ignore when it comes to icing the face.

Myth: Icing reduces pores permanently
Expert Says: The cooling effect causes the skin to constrict, hence tightening the pores. But it’s only temporary and cannot reduce the pore size or minimise them.

Myth: Icing helps reduce dark circles
Expert Says: It helps to de-puff the under eye area and uplift it but it cannot reduce or get rid of dark circles.

Myth: It’s suitable for every skin type
Expert Says: It’s not for every skin type or concern and not to be used everyday, especially if your skin is reactive, sensitive and very dry. Sometimes it’s better to use something cool, rather than icy cold. It’s not a true solution if you’re suffering from acne or congestion. In fact using it on active acne can aggravate inflammation and spread the infection.

Myth: It’s fine to use ice on the face daily
Expert Says: To de-puff morning eyes, to refresh a tired face and firm the skin as part of your weekly facial, skin icing can work perfectly well once in a while.

Dos and Don’t To Remember
Skin icing is more effective when done on the cleansed skin and wrapping cubes in a cloth is recommended. Also, remember to use gentle circular motion. “Gently massage the skin with the wrapped cubes in a circular motion. Always keep moving, this way it will be cold on skin and not freezing. Be gentle around the under-eye area,” suggests Bhandari.

Set aside a separate ice tray to make facial cubes and do not use it for other purposes for hygiene purposes. Also, exposing the skin to an extreme temperature for extended time can do more harm than good. “Do it once in a while and keep it short as prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can result in ice burn,” says Bhandari.

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