Shivarajkumar: ‘I Am Very Hurt That I Lost Appu So Early’

Late Puneeth Rajkumar’s eldest sibling, Shivarajkumar, says he is devastated and hurt by the loss of his brother at such a young age. Shivarajkumar thanked the government and police for ensuring a smoothly run funeral and asked people to not take any extreme step.

Below is Shivarajkumar’s message:-

“ I am very hurt and devastated that I lost Appu so early. What makes this pain worse is when I see so many people turning up with their families in tow and crying, looking at his mortal remains and calling him their own. Watching the pain that everyone else is facing and seeing how he impacted so many lives, young and old, from all parts of the country, hurts more. This is when I feel that it was unjust that he was taken away from us so early. I feel at times that he is right over here and will return. I keep wishing that were true.

There was an age difference of 13 years between Appu and me. I have seen Appu growing up in my arms. I still can’t believe he is not among us. Seeing him gone today makes me feel like I have lost a child. We all miss his beaming smile. It is tough to digest the fact that he has left us too soon. But, as they say, life has to go on and we are all going to be there with his family. We will try our best to ensure they feel no void and ensure all their wishes are fulfilled.

Meanwhile, I have to thank the government and police force for the way they made the funeral arrangements and ensured everything was fine. I would particularly like to thank Basavaraj Bommai sir for the love that he has bestowed upon our family and how he was there by our side. I recall how it tough it was when Appaji died and the situation wasn’t as calm. This time around, they ensured everything was under control.

We are waiting for the final ceremonies before we throw open the doors of the samadhi to fans and loved ones. We cannot put a price on the love and warmth that everyone has shown to our family. Appu will live forever in all our hearts, in the filmmakers, in the films being made, in the industry and in every life that he has touched.

There have been instances where fans have been severely affected by this loss. We want you to think of your families and loved ones and not do anything drastic. Please respect your lives and your families who love you. Even Appaji and Appu would have said the same, that the show must go on and that is how one would respect them best.

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