Second round of polls begin for Nepali Congress’ presidency as Deuba fails to secure 50 per cent votes

Kathmandu [Nepal]: The polls for the election of the president of the Nepali Congress during the party’s ongoing General Convention is headed for the second round as the leading candidate and Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba failed to secure over 50 per cent of total votes, reported The Himalayan Times.
In the five-way contest, Deuba scored the highest points with 2258 votes. However, he could not cross the 50 per cent mark which is a prerequisite to win the election. Deuba scored the highest points in the five-way contest with 2258 votes but could not cross the 50 per cent mark. While another Nepali Congress leader Shekhar Koirala was the second in the run with 1729 votes, the Nepali publication reported further.
While other prominent leaders Prakash Man Singh, Bimlendra Nidhi — secured below 500 votes.
The polls are now headed for the next round.
According to The Himalayan Times, it would be interesting to watch if the anti-Deuba panel will stand together in an alliance to give Shekhar Koirala a boost, or if there will be a change in the equation. The voting for the NC President run-off is expected to commence today itself.

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