Sculptures of gods, Sheshnag like structures discovered in Gyanvapi Mosque

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Several sculptures of gods and sirens alongwith various other structures associated with Hindu belief were seen in the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi, claimed advocate Ajay Kumar Mishra, who was appointed commissioner by Varanasi court to check the Gyanvapi-Gauri Shringar complex but was later on eliminated for dripping the details.

The report was sent by former court-appointed Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra as the High court is readied to resume the hearing of the Gyanvapi mosque situation on Wednesday with petitioners competing that the videography survey performed of the site was in offense of the Places of Praise Act.  The record sent by Mishra specified, “Outside the barricading of the questioned location, the damages of the old temple were found in which sculptures of gods as well as goddesses and patterns of lotus were seen. Between, rock sculptures of Sheshnag and “Nag phan” like patterns were seen. All the pieces appeared to be part of a huge towers.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offers prayer at Kaal Bhiarav temple, in Varanasi during his last visit.

The court had actually removed  Commissioner Ajay Mishra on Tuesday, stating that he had actually been “highly reckless” in carrying out the job.

” Additional 4 idol like structures with “Sinduri” mark were observed. It appeared that arrangments for lighting diyas were there. The rock slabs with artistic patterns were kept in the west wall surface behind the mosque seemed in the continuity with the huge structure,” the record claimed.

The record by Mishra likewise stated that the three-four sculptures with Sindoor marks as well as ‘Choukhat’ like rock slab are believed to be ‘Sringar Gouri’.

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