Sample of girl from UP’s Ghaziabad sent for monkeypox screening

New Delhi [India]: After samples from a five-year-old lady in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, were sent for screening for monkeypox, government health resources have said that it is “unneeded panic mongering” which no situations of the condition have been reported from India thus far.

” The sample of a believed monkeypox instance in Ghaziabad has been sent for screening, but it’s unnecessary panic mongering. No monkeypox instance has been reported in India so far,” the federal government sources informed media.
The health department in Ghaziabad sent the samples of the girl for monkeypox after she complained of itching and also breakouts on her body.

The Principal Medical Police officer of Ghaziabad stated the examination was just a “precautionary procedure” as the lady has nothing else health and wellness problems and did not have close contact with anyone who has actually travelled abroad in the past month.

” Examples of a five-year-old girl have actually been gathered for testing for monkeypox, as a precautionary measure, as she had grievances of itching and also rashes on her body. She has nothing else health and wellness concerns and neither she nor any one of her close get in touches with travelled abroad in the past month,” CMO Ghaziabad stated.

On Tuesday, the Union Health Ministry released “Guidelines on Monitoring of Monkeypox Disease” to ensure advance preparedness throughout the country, in view of the climbing records of monkeypox instances in non-endemic nations.

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