Russia arrests IS suicide bomber who was planning ‘Terror Attack’ on India

Moscow [Russia]: The Russian Federal Safety Solution (FSB) on Monday said that its police officers had detained a suicide bomber, a participant of the Islamic State terrorist team, who was plotting a terrorist strike versus one of India’s leadership elite, Russia news agency Sputnik reported.

” Russia’s FSB determined and restrained a member of the Islamic State international terrorist organization prohibited in Russia, a local of a country in the Central Eastern area, that planned to devote a terrorist act by blowing himself up against among the representatives of the judgment circles of India,” the authority stated in a statement.
The restrained was hired by among the IS leaders as a self-destruction bomber in Turkey, the statement added.

This story is still developing and even more info is awaited hereof.

Islamic State and all its manifestations have actually been notified as Terrorist Organization and consisted of in the First Schedule to the Unlawful Tasks (Avoidance) Act, 1967 by the Central Government.

According to Home Ministry, IS is using various internet-based social media systems to propagate its ideology. Cyberspace is being very closely seen in this regard by the firms worried and also activity is taken as per legislation.

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