Ritabhari Chakraborty: ‘Who Are You When No One Is Watching?’

Surgery can ease the physical pain but what about the mental agony? What about the mental stress or the long-term effect of staying in the game in a cut-throat industry! Well, Ritabhari Chakraborty has suffered a lot and she is still fighting her own battle to take care of her mental health.

In a recent social media post, the actor-writer shared how difficult this journey has been so far. She also revealed how her obsession with a perfect figure took a toll on her mental health.

Her long post read: “Who are you when no one is watching?” I have asked this question so many times to myself in the last few months. Sometimes so tired that i can barely make it to the sofa from the bed, sometimes so full of energy that i have to redesign the entire living room in one day. Sometimes dressing up to stand tall in heels and sometimes not caring to put on even a cloth because i simply don’t care at the moment. Well – i guess am both – dainty shining diva and the aloof indifferent woman who cares least about how she looks. What remains constant is how i remain imperfect and an object to judge by people just because i exist! What remains constant is how it affects me when a human does not treat another person as one. What remains same is that i am an empath – in heels or in flip flops. I see you all, i hear you all and trust me – i try not to care – not because you dont matter – You matter. What does not matter is your opinion when we are all passengers headed towards the same destination – doing the best we can. But we will all end up being in eternal darkness/death/the end of this body.

She had earlier revealed in social media the two surgeries she had recently were successful but it left her with PTSD and depression that she is still healing from. Ritabhari has always been vocal about mental health and issues that needs to be discussed rather than shunned away.

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