Queen Elizabeth-II Death: Who Will Kohinoor Go To Now?

London [UK]: The longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth-II died on Thursday elderly 96 years, after her seven-decade-long reign and now the treasured Kohinoor diamond studded crown will bypass directly to the subsequent in line. The question is: Who will put on the Kohinoor now?

Many recommend the Kohinoor-studded crown will visit the subsequent monarch i.E. King Charles III. However, going by the ascension records of the Kohinoor, the diamond will go to the subsequent Queen, which in this case is Camilla Parker Bowles, the Queen Consort. The Kohinoor diamond is presently within the platinum crown which become worn with the aid of Queen Elizabeth II for the duration of her reign as the monarch of England.
In February this yr, the Queen introduced that Camilla Parker Bowles would come to be the Queen Consort while Charles takes over the reins of monarchy in England.

Now with the Queen’s dying, likely, Camilla may be carrying the Kohinoor.

Kohinoor is often touted because the maximum valuable diamond within the World weighs around one zero five.6 carats. The diamond became found in India in the 14th century. If we go with the aid of the records of the diamond, the valuable diamond become discovered in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh at some point during the reign of the Kaaktiya Dynasty.

It was used as one eye of the deity in a Hindu temple in Warangal and then Malik Kafoor (Alauddin Khilji’s General) looted it. After being surpassed by the numerous rulers of the Mughal Empire, Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh possessed it in Lahore, post which he got here to Punjab.

The diamond become given to Queen Victoria in 1849 following the annexation of Punjab during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s son Dileep Singh’s rule.

The Kohinoor diamond is currently set inside the Queen’s crown, stored within the Tower of London’s Jewel House and is on the market to the general public.

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