Puducherry: Lush Green Reserve

Puducherry [India]: Setting an example in campus greening initiatives, Tagore Government Arts and Science College, one of the leading colleges in Puducherry, has transformed 13 acres of land inside the campus into a lush green reserve.
The college was established in 1961 in Laspet and is affiliated with Pondicherry University, a Central University under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. It offers courses in various disciplines of art, commerce, and science. Sasi Kanta Dash, Principal of Tagore Government Arts and Science College, emphasised on the importance of the environment for education and said a vegetable garden has also been maintained on the campus.
“Posters were pasted on the perimeter wall of the government college. There were no trees. We then decided to turn it into a green campus. First, we removed and cleaned the posters on the premises. We cleaned the walls as well,” Dash told ANI.
“The environment is important for education. So, we started planting trees. In particular, we have planted a variety of trees such as palm, palm, coconut, sapodilla, jack, and banana. In total, we have planted 3,000 trees and trees on eight acres,” he said.

Dash said that the students also get nutritious food as the college canteen uses fresh vegetables from the garden.
“We also have a vegetable garden now. We bring food items from the vegetable garden to the canteen. Thus nutritious food is available to students,” he said.

The principal said that 20 species of birds and 35 species of bats can be seen on the campus due to greenery.
“We have also set up a Buddha Garden with a peaceful environment for students. Trees and plants, like the forest, grow beautifully and attract birds. We have also taken steps to collect rainwater. In particular, we have collected up to 25 lakh litres of water.”

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