‘Puaada’ Streaming Now On Zee5

On August 12, 2021, Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa made it to the big screen with their highly awaited film ‘Puaada’. The romantic comedy set the cash registers ringing at the box office with a successful run of 5 weeks. And now after entertaining the audience in cinemas, the movie today has been released on the online space as well.’

‘Puaada’ is the first blockbuster in North India since the pandemic began and brought joy and relief to the industry that audiences were willing to come back to cinemas. In five weeks ‘Puaada’ has grossed Rs 18 cr worldwide. It opened in only 50 theatres when it was released in India, whereas normal Punjabi films were released in 250+ theaters and this opened the floodgates for all other films and cinemas. Immediately on the day of the movie’s release, a lineup of Punjabi movies got ready for release in the subsequent weeks, and movie theaters across north India scrambled to meet the demands. Now the Punjabi industry is roaring and seeing big turnouts in cinemas thereafter.

“We are ecstatic that ‘Puaada’ was able to restart the release of films in cinemas, we are first and foremost lovers of cinema and love to see audiences have great entertainment on the big screens,” says producer Pawan Gill.

Further, now that the movie is being made available on the digital space, another producer of the film, Atul Bhalla says “for those who were unable to venture out to cinemas they can now enjoy the movie at home, and we are super excited to have newer audiences discover our film on digital!!”

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