Protesters gather around Greek Parliament blaming Pakistan for ongoing crisis in Afghanistan

Approximately 800 demonstrators protested against Pakistan in front of the Greek Parliament on Sunday in an Afghan protest rally amid the ongoing crisis in the war-torn country.

Athens [Greece], August 29 : The protestors blamed Pakistan for the worsening conditions in Afghanistan. They shouted slogans like – “Who killed Afghanistan- Pakistan Pakistan”; “Pakistan supports terrorists”; and “Stop killing Afghans.” Pakistan has been blamed on several occasions for providing logistical support and safe havens to the Taliban terrorists on its soil, also conducting ‘proxy wars’ in Afghanistan.
The rally assembled in front of the Greek parliament and later marched to the US Embassy.
Earlier on Saturday, similar protests were held across the globe in more than 30 cities, including Washington, London and Berlin calling for support of Afghans as the evacuation process nears the end.
Participants held signs that read, “Save Afghanistan” or “Save Afghan lives.”
Thousands of Afghan nationals are camped outside the perimeter of the airport in desperate attempts to escape on the last flights out as the Taliban deadline of August 31 approaches.
Moreover, such demonstrations across the globe are held since August 15, the day when the Taliban gained control over the capital city of Kabul.
Anti-Pakistan protests across the globe are organised and the demonstrators raised their voices against Islamabad’s role in the Afghanistan debacle and blamed the country for helping the Taliban.

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