Planning To Propose Your Partner? Things To Look Out For

“When you know, you know.” You must’ve heard this so many times – in your regular conversations or even in the rom-com that you may have binge-watched on. But what does it mean, really? This simple advice, all of four words, might sound too vague. Removing the rose-tinted glasses from the vision of marriage, let’s talk about the realities you need to consider to figure out if you’re ready to pop the question. Marriage might seem like fun and romance, in anticipation of living with the person you love, but it can also get difficult on matters you might not have touched upon or don’t have a common understanding on. It comes with a lot of responsibility and sacrifices. If you are planning to propose to your partner anytime soon, here’s a few things that will help you. 

Do You Share Similar Values And Goals?

Love is important in a relationship, but also, it is not everything. Respect, companionship and compatibility are essential too. The two of you might have many different interests and hobbies, but at the core, you must share similar values. Having the same values is a sign that you’re ready to take the next step. Compatibility is what will help you stay together and as the quote goes, “Love isn’t two people looking at each other, love is two people looking out in the same direction.”

Look Into Financial Understanding

Are you both financially secure to afford a wedding and to lead a comfortable life as a couple? Are you both financially independent? Will you be able to support each other’s families should the situation arise? These are some very real questions that you should ponder over. It is crucial for you to go over this aspect with a microscope to avoid unnecessary disagreements in future, and also to have a safe backup plan in case things go haywire financially. 

Have ‘The Kids Discussion’

It is extremely, and we can’t stress enough how much, important to be on the same page in this matter. Just as children bring couples closer, they can also make them apart. If your ideologies and timelines about whether or not you want to have children or when you want to have them don’t match, you will be putting your relationship at great risk. Assuming everyone wants to have children down the road can be misleading. First, ask yourself if you’re ready to take on the responsibilities. Then, ask your partner if they’re ready for babies and intently listen to what they have to say. If they’re firm in not wanting kids, don’t presume that they might change their decision later in life. Take their answer for what it is and not what you want it to be, and decide your next step accordingly. 

Have They Become Your Person?

One of the biggest signs you’re ready to pop the question is that you have become each other’s safe place. You have become family to one another. Apart from the passion and attraction you share, you’ve developed a very comforting friendship. As a family, you fight, laugh and have fun together but most importantly, you value each other’s presence in your lives and that’s what should matter.

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