Pakistan protests India’s snub at UNSC meeting on Afghanistan

Islamabad [Pakistan], August 7 : Pakistan has expressed its displeasure at not being invited to the special meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Afghanistan.
Amid the escalating violence in Afghanistan, a meeting was convened on Friday at UNSC under India’s presidency. At a presser after the UNSC meeting on Friday, Ambassador Munir Akram, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN said, “We made a formal request for participation but it was denied.” Later on Saturday, Pakistan Foreign Office expressed regret for not getting an invite for the special session on Afghanistan, “Not acceding to Pakistan’s request to address the #UNSC session on Afghanistan, as well as to make the platform available to enable the peddling of false narratives against Pakistan, is a matter of deep regret,” Pakistan Foreign Office said in a statement.
At the UNSC’s special meeting on Friday, member states expressed concern about the deteriorating situation and called for a political settlement.
Afghan Ambassador to the UN Ghulam Isaczai said that Afghanistan is prepared to provide the Security Council with material evidence in support of its claim that Pakistan is ensuring a supply chain to the Taliban.
“Should members of the Security Council want that evidence, we are ready to provide them,” Ghulam said. He added that the Afghan government has been in constant contact with the Pakistani government about the matter and has provided Islamabad with the evidence.
Afghan envoy also said the Taliban is receiving assistance from foreign fighters of transnational terrorist networks while committing “barbaric” acts in the war-torn country.
“In a deliberate act of barbarism Taliban isn’t alone. They’re assisted by foreign fighters from transnational terrorist networks. Together they are threatening peace, security and stability in Afghanistan and also in our region and beyond, Isaczai said.
Afghanistan has repeatedly accused Pakistan of harbouring terrorists in its territory and supporting the Taliban offensive against the Afghan government forces.

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