Pak miffed over ‘wait and watch’ policy on recognising Afghanistan’s Taliban govt

Pakistan National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf has slammed, what he termed as ‘wait and watch’ policy on recognising Afghanistan’s Taliban government. He said that this approach would push the country towards an economic slump.

Islamabad [Pakistan], September 16 : “If the world is interested in this conversation, it needs to happen directly with the new government. For influencing and moulding governance in the way the world wants, it should have a conversation with them. Without engagement that would not be possible,” Yusuf was quoted as saying by Dawn newspaper. He stated that the consequences of abandoning Afghanistan would be dire adding that the country could again become a safe haven for terrorists.
“If abandonment happens there would be a security vacuum (in Afghanistan). You already know ISIS (the militant Islamic State group) is already present there, Pakistani Taliban are there, Al Qaeda is there. Why do we risk a security vacuum?” Pak NSA added.
This comes as many experts and the majority of Afghans believe that Islamabad is behind the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and that Islamabad has been assisting the outfit on all possible fronts.
Although the international community have stepped up humanitarian efforts for Afghanistan, however, they are far from recognising the Taliban government.
Last month, Yousuf’s interview had sparked a controversy after it was indicated the security official suggested the risk of ‘second 9/11’ if the Western countries do not recognise the Taliban.
However, in a statement issued later, the Office of the Pak NSA demanded ‘The Times’ to retract what they called a “frivolous” interpretation of Yusuf’s interview with journalist Christina Lamb. The office of Pak NSA said the story wrongly interpreted the interview of Pak NSA.

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