Over 150 wildfires amid anomalous heatwave reports Tunisia

Tunisia (Africa): Tunisia has confirmed more than 150 wildfires amid an unprecedented heatwave, which caused considerable material damage, Sky News Arabia reported on Friday.
The media outlet estimates about 155 wildfire outbreaks across the country’s northern and central areas. The fire has destroyed livestock pens, bee farms, as well as hundreds of trees. In the provinces of Bizerte, Jendouba and Kef the fire approached residential buildings, resulting in explosions as many houses had gas tanks. There have been no reports of casualties so far.
The country’s civil defense service’s spokesperson told the broadcaster that the firefighters continue working in Bizerte and Jendouba, having managed to localize 80% of wildfires. At the same time, the blazes have spread across 150 hectares (370 acres).
Meanwhile, the head of the local forest protection agency told Tunisian news agency TAP that most of the wildfires were caused by arson.

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