Omicron: Uganda confirms seven Omicron COVID-19 variant cases

Kampala [Uganda]: Uganda on Tuesday reported that it has registered seven cases of Omicron, a new COVID-19 variant.

Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health, told reporters that seven people traveling into the country had tested positive for the variant. She said five of them came from Nigeria and two from South Africa.
Aceng said the cases have been isolated and are being monitored.

“They are not severely ill. So there is nothing to worry about. They have been isolated,” the minister said.

Aceng urged the public to remain calm and continue embracing vaccination.

The minister last week said the east African country would keep its borders open despite the concerns over Omicron.

Aceng said the country has adequate measures in place at the points of entry to detect importation of any variant.

Ministry of Health figures show so far some 7.6 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines have been administered since the exercise started in the country early this year. (ANI/Xinhua)

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