Millionaire Bachelor Looking For A Partner Who Can Join Him On Trips, Spend Money & Start A New Life

Dortmund [Germany]: “Have you received a lottery?” we’ve all listened to this dialogue from our friends or family members every time we tried to spend some money on ourselves.

Winning a lottery is a game of good fortune; a few win a fortune of cash simultaneously as a few don’t even get a penny. Some winners start chasing their dreams at the same time as a few pick out to donate; however, one man is now searching for a spouse after triumphing in a large lottery. Yes, you examine that properly, Kursat Yildirim, primarily based in Dortmund, Germany these days, received a lottery worth 10 million euros (around Rs 82 crore) in September.

After spending a massive element on luxurious cars and watches, Kursat is now searching for a suitable companion who can be a part of him on journeys, spend cash and start a brand new existence with him.

Kursat, in conversation with the journalists of the German newspaper Bild, pointed out his massive win and requested them to point out that “he’s unmarried” and looking for an appropriate life companion.

“I want to fall in love. I’m seeking out a girl who loves to travel and is ready to begin her own family with me,” he told the journalists of Bild.

He highlighted that the female he wants to marry might be honest or dusky it would not be counted. What subjects him the most is his accomplice ought to trust him whatever happens.

Kursat, 41, after winning the lottery left his job at a steel factory and started spending money on the kinds of stuff he always wanted to buy like a lavish Ferrari car and many more which he frequently shares on his social media platforms.

How would you spend the cash in case you won the lottery?

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