Military tanks reach Sri Lankan Parliament as political situation worsens

Colombo [Sri Lanka]: Sri Lanka Army released tanks near Parliament on Thursday to stop militants from getting in the Parliament.

Militants stormed the Head of state’s Workplace on Flower Roadway in Sri Lanka on Wednesday after clashes with military personnel. The island country has been hit with a severe financial and political dilemma.
On 9 July, demonstrators by force went into the workplace of the President and the Prime Minister and its local, and also a strong face-off between militants as well as security forces was reported in Colombo.

Angry militants are demanding the instant resignation of the Head of state and also the Prime Minister.

Protests are going on

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his better half who had actually left the country for Maldives today took a Saudi Arabian flight to Singapore from Man.

Protection of Parliament has been tightened up with Sri Lanka’s three layers, police, army and also special forces.

Presently, Sri Lanka is encountering a serious scarcity of gas as well as various other crucial supplies and is in the throes of its worst economic crisis with skyrocketing rising cost of living. The oil supply shortage has forced colleges and government offices to shut up until further notice.

Reduced domestic agricultural manufacturing, a lack of foreign exchange reserves, as well as regional currency depreciation have actually sustained the shortages.

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