Milind Sakpal Unveils Title Poster Of ‘Lokshahir Patthe Bapurao’

Filmmaker Milind Sakpal is all set to bring the artistic journey of Shridhar Krishna Kulkarni to Shahir Patthe Bapurao to the big screen. Recently, the makers took to their official social media handle to unveil the title poster from the film.

Talking about Shahir Patthe Bapurao, who celebrated the folk form of Tamasha and led its golden age with pride. The people of Maharashtra can never forget his immense contribution. It would not be wrong to describe Shahir Patthe Bapurao as an individual possessed by Tamasha!

Shahir Patthe Bapurao gave a new twist to the art form of Tamasha with his poetry and pioneering voice. He has written more than 2 lakh Lavanis in his lifetime.

Based on Prof. Chandrakumar Nalge’s books ‘Maharasthrache Shilpakar Patthe Bapurao’ and ‘Patthe Bapuravanchya Shodhat’, the story and screenplay of the film is by Rahul Dorle.

The lyrics will be composed by lyricist Guru Thakur and cinematography by Keiko Nakahara.

So, how will the musical journey of this musical film unfold? And who will be the musician who will take up the Herculean task of making music for this epic biography? Well, this is still under wraps and an announcement will be made soon. Shahir Patthe Bapurao’s film will definitely be an invaluable gift for fans and folk artists alike!

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