Mika Singh Mourns The Death Of Sidhu Moosewala Says, ‘Take Strong Action Against Criminals’

Following the troublesome end of artist Sidhu Moose Wala, vocalist Mika Singh has mentioned the Punjab Government to make ‘areas of strength for a’ against the lawbreakers behind the terrible wrongdoing.

On Sunday, Singer Mika Singh shared an image of himself with the late singer, as he paid condolences to his family on Twitter. Mika shared a streak of tweets, in the first tweet he wrote, “I always say I’m proud to be Punjabi but today I feel shame to be saying the same. A young talented boy just 28 years old, so popular and with such a bright future ahead of him @iSidhuMooseWala killed in Punjab by Punjabi’s. May God bless his soul and he rest in eternal peace.”

Mika retweeted the tweet, “My prayers are with his family. Request to #Punjabsarkar please take strong action against these criminals. Heartbreaking.”

Further, he posted a video with the late singer in a tweet and wrote, “Bro [?]
[?] you’ve gone way too soon. People will always remember your name, fame, the respect you earned and all your hit records. You made those and they will never be forgotten. Both me and your fans will miss your hit line #Dildanimadasidhumussewala..”

His subsequent tweet went like, “Rabb ina di aatma nu shanti deve te apne charna ch nivas bakshe.. Satnam Waheguru”.

For the unversed, Punjabi artist and Congress pioneer Sidhu Moose Wala, who was shot in Punjab’s Mansa on Sunday, was carried dead to the emergency clinic, said Dr Ranjeet Rai, Civil Surgeon, Mansa Hospital.

The Congress leader was taken shots at by obscure individuals recently.

The occurrence occurred a day after his security was removed by the Punjab police among 424 others.

Remarkably, the vocalist had joined the Congress party last year in December in front of the Assembly races.

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