Manya Naidu Shares An Optimistic Post About ‘Living In The Moment’

It’s a pleasant Wednesday morning and yesteryear actress Manya Naidu has shared an optimistic post about living in the moment. The ‘Joker’ actress is an avid social media user and in her latest post, Manya has spoken about the importance of living in the present.

“A reminder! Life is not easy… From the moment I wake up, till the moment I sleep, I am scrambling to keep up! I wake up early & go for a walk. Then I make breakfast & log into work. In between work, I run errands such as bringing medicines for my mom, calling the doctors, managing the plumber, getting groceries, etc. Then after work, I go to physical therapy for my herniated disc. Then I cook dinner for Omi & mom makes some dinner for us. Then I give Omi a shower, play with her, tell her stories, and finally, I sing her a lullaby to sleep – I fall asleep before Omi sleeps ????????‍♀️???? Sometimes I feel tired, very tired & I have to drag myself out of bed. I also am hypothyroid, so my thyroid imbalance makes me exhausted at times. But then, I remind myself that life is a blessing. Each morning is precious. Each breath is a gift. Each kiss from my daughter lights up my soul. Tomorrow is not promised – I live in the moment for today, just today, just this moment ???????? #manya #tomorrowisnotpromised #life #livinginthemoment,” Manya penned in her note.

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Manya Naidu who ventured into movies with the 1997 Telugu movie ‘Seetharama Raju’ later went on to become one of the popular actors in South. She has also worked in Malayalam movies and some of her best performances were in films ‘Joker’ and ‘Kunjikoonan’.

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