Mamata Banerjee demands law for tribal land

Jhargram (West Bengal) [India]: On the occasion of International Day of Indigenous Peoples, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said the country should bring law to protect the land rights of the tribal population.

The chief minister attended the event at Jhargram to celebrate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples. Banerjee honoured prominent personalities from the tribal community. This was Banerjee’s first visit to Jangalmahal after becoming the Chief Minister for the third time.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Minister said, “Today is World Tribal Day. Today the Quit India movement was also started. The contribution of Adivasi brothers and sisters in India’s struggle for independence cannot be forgotten. I bow to them.”

Banerjee called for the protection of the rights of tribals across the country.
“Adivasi lands cannot be transferred. Our government has introduced a law on that. The entire country should bring this law to protect the rights of the tribal people. We have constituted a separate department for tribal welfare,” she stated.

“We have been celebrating Adivasi Diwas for the last 3 years. We made Jhargram a new district in 2017. A super specialty hospital, a University, four colleges, and a sports complex have been made. We respect tribal languages. West Bengal is the only state where students can study Santhali,” she added.
Mamata Banerjee also shook her feet with the tribal dancers wearing their traditional attire. She also played dhamsa, a Tribal drum and Jhumur.

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