Makeup Hacks That Save Time

If you are a working woman and absolutely hate spending hours on getting ready and putting piles of makeup everyday, here are some quick hacks you could put to use for a quick makeover everyday.

– Rushing to work and your hair is too oily? Opt for a dry shampoo.

– You can let your sunscreen with SPF double up as a primer and moisturiser.

– Eye pencil too dry? Just hold it over a hand dryer or hold a flame under it for a few seconds. It will go softer and more intense in texture. – Use mascara to fill in the eyebrows. Just choose one closest to your eye brow shade and run it through sparse areas to get brows that are groomed and fuller in appearance.

– This is an old trick, but it’s a sure-shot one. To make lipstick last through the day, just put it on the lips then place a tissue across the lips. Sprinkle some powder to make the colour set. – For quick lip gloss, take any old broken eye shadow pieces that are left. Press them into a powder, squeeze a little petroleum jelly into it and voila!

– Add any face oil to your lips for a fuller pout.

– To get the face contouring right, simply draw a number ‘3’ around the eyes and cheeks. Then dust on the powder using a contouring brush and carefully blend in the blush.

– If you have no brush at hand, just dab on some cheek tint for a fresh look.

– Opt for gel nail polish instead of the regular ones as the gels are can last for a longer duration.

– Always keep a small bottle of hair serum at hand if you have no time to style your tresses.

A quick tip is to place nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before you use it, so it gets applied smoothly.

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