Large LED Video Monitors Falls On Stage During Musical Concert In Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Two performers sustained accidents at Hong Kong boy band Mirror’s live performance after one of the huge LED video monitors above the level fell off.

The shocking incident occurred on Thursday night time in Hong Kong, Variety stated. The two injured performers had been dancers for the 12-piece boy band Mirror, who were taking element in a live performance collection called “MIRROR.WEARE” on the Coliseum, a frequent concert venue that has become called the mecca of the town’s Canto-pop industry.

The two performers were rushed to the health center. One reportedly sustained head damage, but was in strong condition; the other obtained neck damage and is reportedly in extreme circumstances.

The particular incident was captured on camera and the footage has been doing the rounds on the internet, leaving netizens shocked.

The concert series, which began on July 25, was supposed to have a total of 12 shows running through August 5. It was the Canto-pop singing sensation’s debut at the Coliseum.

The concert was immediately halted and audiences were asked to leave the venue.

The Hong Kong government has suspended further concerts at the venue until its stage design and mechanical structures are proven to be safe.

Mirror, formed in 2018 and comprised of 12 male singers, emerged from “King Maker,” a reality TV show staged by PCCW’s ViuTV.

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