Kosovar Serbs can vote in Sunday referendum, says REC

Belgrade [Serbia] (ANI/Sputnik): Serbs from Kosovo can vote in a Sunday referendum on constitutional changes in four cities in the central part of Serbia, the Republic Electoral Commission (REC) said.
On January 16, Serbian citizens are voting on the amendments to the country’s basic law related to the judiciary. Proposed changes include the elimination of several offices, expansion of the public prosecutor’s office to become a collective body, and changes regarding the election of judges. Voting in the referendum will take place at 8,029 polling stations throughout Serbia, with the exception of breakaway Kosovo and Metohija. The decision on the results of the referendum will be made by a simple majority of votes. According to REC, voters from Kosovo and Metohija will have to travel to polling stations in four cities of central Serbia, namely Kursumlija, Raska, Novi Pazar and Vranje.
A delegation from the European Union and the embassies of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States welcomed Serbia’s constitutional referendum as a step towards the country’s accession to the EU and the strengthening of the national judiciary. The countries also expressed regret that the Kosovo government has not allowed Serbs living on the territory of the self-proclaimed republic to vote, urging the authorities to change the decision and all sides to refrain from increasing tensions. (Image source: Instagram)

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