Koel Mallick: Don’t Waste Time Sleeping During Durga Puja

Koel Mallick is all excited and super happy. Her puja release ‘Boni’ has received appreciation from both critics and audience. She’s also busy with her Mallick Bari’s puja which is synonymous with Kolkata’s bonedi barir Durga Puja. However, the puja has been a private affair since last year due to the pandemic.

“The elderly, youngest members of the family and our well-known visitors along with friends from the media, for everyone safety has to be the top priority. I am sure with Maa Durga’s blessings everything will return to normalcy by next year. This isn’t the Durga Puja we want, but life cannot be a bed of roses. We will have to keep our faith in Maa Durga,” shares Koel who has been in touch with her fans and followers through her Instagram handle.

It’s no surprise that Koel is extra cautious during puja as her family including her parents, her husband and she had recovered from coronavirus last year. Also, little Kabir, Koel and Nispal’ son needs extra protection.

Sharing her favourite Durga Puja memories, the actress says the puja adda was the best thing during this time. Since Mallick Bari’s puja has immense popularity the all-night-long chitchats with friends, cousins are etched in her heart. The anjali, sandhya arati – everything used to be all about celebration. Sleeping meant just time waste. These 4 – 5 days we couldn’t sleep. So don’t waste time sleeping. These moments are special. But stay safe. If you go outside wear mask, carry sanitizer and maintain social distancing.

Talking about her special Durga Puja experience with son Kabir, Koel says he is always giggling and a quiet child by nature but Kabir is enjoying everything.

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