Kerala Police In Contact With CBI Over ‘Red Corner’ Notice Against Vijay Babu

Vijay Babu

The Kerala Police, as expected, on Tuesday started steps to give a red corner notice against entertainer maker Vijay Babu, as of now on the pursue being blamed for assault by an entertainer.

In the meantime, on Tuesday night, Vijay Babu’s direction created his air ticket under the steady gaze of the High Court, saying that the entertainer will land at the Cochin air terminal on Monday morning.

Kerala Police

As per sources in the loop of things, on Tuesday, the Kerala Police reached out to the state Home Department, which has asked the CBI – the nodal organization for Interpol in the nation – to guarantee that they take up the red corner notice, in order to bring back Vijay Babu who is currently in Georgia.

The Kerala Police possessed given energy for Vijay Babu to turn up before it, most recent by 5 p.m on Tuesday, and if not, they will give a red corner notice against him.

Kerala High Court

This new move comes a day after the Kerala High Court, taking up his anticipatory bail supplication, said that it will be considered after he delivers his air ticket and since the ticket of his has been documented under the steady gaze of the court on Tuesday night, his request will be taken up by the court on Wednesday.

It was last month that the grumbling against him was enrolled and soon he escaped to Dubai after Kochi City Police Commissioner C.H. Nagaraju took up the case, he got out of Dubai to Georgia, with whom India doesn’t have a removal settlement.

Vijay Babu, while in Dubai, had moved an expectant bail supplication, however, the Kerala High Court get-away seat chose to consider it after the mid-year break.

However recorded for May 18, it was taken up just on Monday, when the court said, to consider his request, he needed to create his air ticket.

As his guidance said that he is prepared to help out with the test, however, the court said he needs to initially go under their ward and requested the ticket of his and posted the case for the following week.

Vijay Babu

Vijay Babu is in pursuit of the entertainer from Kozhikode who documented a complaint in Ernakulam on April 22 that she was assaulted and pounded by him a few times on a level in Kochi.

She has likewise blamed the entertainer for giving her intoxicants before physically mishandling her.
Not long after the news surfaced, he showed up live on his virtual entertainment handle guaranteeing that he was the “genuine casualty” of this situation, adding that he would make fitting legitimate strides against the complainant he likewise named.

The police, aside from the underlying objection, have enrolled the second body of evidence against the entertainer for uncovering the name of the complainant.

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