Kavya Shetty Took Martial Arts, Kickboxing Lessons For ‘Arya 33’

There’s a reason why actress Kavya Shetty took up martial arts and kickboxing lessons. She wants to ensure she gets the action right in her as-yet-untitled Tamil comeback film, tentatively called #Arya33.

Kavya has just begun work on the film in which she is cast alongside Arya. “This is an action-oriented role and the film falls under the sci-fi genre. Our director, Shakti Soundar Rajan, is known for his films in this genre, so I am twice as excited. My role is such that I will be seen doing proper action along with Arya and the boys in the film,” shares Kavya, who is thrilled that she gets to make her comeback in Tamil after the 2015 film Idhu Enna Maayam.

“Since I will be doing action scenes, I needed to ensure my body was flexible, so I took some martial arts and kickboxing lessons in Bengaluru, before coming to Chennai for the shoot. We will have an action team assisting us on set, so I am eager to do that, since it will be my first time in such a role,” she reveals.

For Kavya, 2022 will be a special year as she will have at least one film releasing in all four major south Indian film industries. “While I will have around four releases in Kannada, I will have Gurthunda Seethakalam in Telugu, Bro Daddy in Malayalam and now this film in Tamil,” she shares.

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