Kangana Ranaut Attends ‘Kartavya Path’ Inauguration: ‘This Is The Path Of Duty’

New Delhi [India]: Actor Kangana Ranaut attended the superb inauguration of the revamped Rajpath – Kartavya Path within the national capital on Thursday.

Speaking to the media before the mega occasion, Kangana said that the “struggle of revolutionaries, be it Netaji or Savarkar had been completely denied as only one side was shown”. She said that she is “not a Gandhiwadi” but a “Subhash Chandrawadi”.

Hailing the inauguration of the brand new Kartavya Path, Kangana said, “This is the path of duty, many generations will lead by example and walk on it. If you keep the name Rajpath, it will not lead by example, but the Kartavya Path is the path of duty, this will serve as guidance to people.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the ‘Kartavya Path’ on Thursday evening.

Prime Minister stated the Rajpath was for the British Raj, to whom the humans of India have been slaves. He stated Rajpath was additionally an image of slavery and its structure was also an image of slavery.

“Today its architecture has additionally changed and its spirit has also modified,” PM said.

PM Modi stated a large statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose has also been installed close to India Gate. At the time of slavery, he stated there was a statue of the consultant of the British Raj.

He said, “Kartavya Path is not just a road of bricks and stones. It is a living example of India’s democratic past and all-time ideals. When the people of the country come here, the statue of Netaji, the National War Memorial, all these will give them such a great inspiration, they will inculcate their sense of duty.”

Kartavya Path will exhibit beautified landscapes, lawns with walkways, introduced inexperienced areas, refurbished canals, new amenity blocks, advanced signages, and merchandise kiosks. Further, new pedestrian underpasses, stepped-forward parking areas, new exhibition panels and upgraded nighttime lights are some different features with the purpose to enhance the public experience.

It also consists of a number of sustainability functions like stable waste management, stormwater control, recycling of used water, rainwater harvesting, water conservation and power-green lighting fixtures systems, among others.

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