If UN approves representative, will strengthen relations with US, EU, others, says Taliban

Kabul [Afghanistan]: Taliban on Friday said that it will focus on strengthening relations with the United States, European Union, and other countries if the United Nations approves its representative.
In an interview to Sputnik, Afghan Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Zabihullah Mujahid said: “If my brother Suhail is approved by the UN as our representative, he will obviously make effort to strengthen relations with other states, including the European Union and the US, as well as with Muslim countries for the sake of strong and long-term cooperation. This will be the primary task.” He further said that the Taliban may ask friendly countries like Qatar to help it obtain a seat in the UN.
“Yes, why not. Other countries close to us, such as Qatar and others, those that supported us during a difficult period, could take on the role of mediators or a link and help us get a seat in the UN. This is our right and we welcome any nation capable of assisting this,” Mujahid said, reported Sputnik.
Taliban has earlier nominated Suhail Shaheen as a permanent representative to the organization.
The outfit also said that it is not seeking the extradition of former President Ashraf Ghani but wants the return of funds allegedly taken away by him.
“No, we are not seeking the extradition of Ghani. But Ashraf Ghani has stolen state funds and we demand that they must be returned to the bank. They belong to people and our banks,” Mujahid said in a Sputnik interview.
Last month, Ghani left Kabul for the United Arab Emirates after the Afghan capital had been seized by the Taliban.

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