How To Massage Lip Filler Lumps in 4 Easy Steps

How To Massage Lip Filler Lumps in 4 Easy Steps
How To Massage Lip Filler Lumps in 4 Easy Steps

Beauty never comes easy to a woman. What’s more devastating than undergoing surgeries is dealing with the after-effects and the stress it brings. One of the prime examples we can give you is getting lip filler lumps.

Swelling is a common occurrence when it comes to injecting substances into your facial structure. However, the standard is having the proper antidote for the pain.

Lip lumps can quickly vanish with a nice massage that penetrates through the upper layers of the skin and touches the problem at the root.

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We’ve seen excellent results from this method on numerous women and therefore thought, why not share it with the world?

Keep reading to find out proper ways to massage and prevent filler migration.

How to Massage Lip Filler Lumps (Step-by-Step)


Step 1: Make Sure To Wait

The first step we urge all our female warriors to follow is to wait 5-7 days after the injections to give the substance to work its way into your lips and dwell its magic.

It can be a hassle to stop your hands from going up to do a little wiggle, but you must show self-restraint and wait for the right moment.

In most cases, if you touch your fillers before time, It can lead to additional issues and trauma and make the overall experience an anxiety spree.

Another factor we need you to know is the initial lumps in the fillers are the product of injection traumas, so adding more trouble in paradise is unwise. So, have a little patience while your sweet lips recover.

Step 2: Wash Your Hands and Use a Towel

Before starting the massage, please ensure that your hands are clean. If not, wash them thoroughly and use a warm washcloth or towel to dab your lips to not cause any rashes lightly.

Keep the towel on your lips for 2 minutes to warm up the area for better results.
#If you’re not a fan of hands, there are always gloves

Step 3: Hydrating Massage

With a clean set of hands, get yourself a lip gel or hydrating oil to create a smooth surface for massaging. Be mindful of not using peppermint oil or anything that gives you allergies. Do we want to avoid additional problems while tackling the main one now?

Step 4: Massaging

The next step is to press your lips while holding them in place with your fingers. As you rotate your two fingers at an angle around the lump, keep pushing the lips. (If this hurts, don’t press too firmly.)

After doing that, gently press your lips against anything with your teeth on the inside of your lips. This will lessen some of the swellings and assist in removing bruises.

How Often Should I massage my Lips after filling?

Lip massage can take up to two days to eliminate lumps that become apparent seven days after the therapy. Repeat the massage twice daily until the lumps are gone, and your lips feel even and smooth.

Does Massaging Lip filler break it down?

We know how tempting it may be for you to resist the urge o massaging your lips. However, rubbing newly injected lips carries the danger of destabilizing the filler and producing complicated outcomes.

Consider being swollen for a few days or maybe a week. The swelling will go down, So, no need to worry.

How do Lip Fillers feel after two weeks look?

Some cosmetic operations and treatments take a while to change your look. For instance, it may take a full year to see the full effects of surgical treatments like liposuction.

Dermal fillers, have a rapid onset of action, hence, making it easier not to wait a whole year to see the results.

Nevertheless, it takes some time for these injectable treatments to absorb into your tissues. Also, it’s okay for dermal filler to take two weeks to settle into your face.

Moreover, as time passes, lip fillers after three weeks will feel different. Furthermore, you’ll reach the point where lip fillers won’t bother you and will blend in with your natural lips after a month.

Best Ways To Prevent Lip Filler Lumps?

If you’re considering getting lip filler, you should learn to avoid lumps so you won’t have to bother about massaging them afterward. Lip filler lumps may be highly irritating.

Here are a few ideas that could truly benefit you if that’s the case.

  1. Don’t touch your lips Instantly after the procedure.
  2. Applying ice will aid with swelling and lessen your risk of developing a lip filler bump.
  3. Lip filler lumps gradually disappear on their own after a few days. But if it makes you uncomfortable and interferes with your daily activities, consider other solutions.

How To Massage Cheek Filler Bump?

Knowing the best aftercare for fillers is essential to minimize swelling as much as possible because certain people are more prone to swelling, or the stuffing won’t settle as well. It’s common to panic when you see an initial lump or bump in any area of your face. We suggest staying calm and handling the situation with patience.

Applying ice remains the definitive answer for cheek fillers or any type. The cool compress will help stop swelling and soothe the burning sensation in your skin.

Another way to tackle cheek fillers is to avoid sleeping on pillows or cushions that can press down weight on that particular area.

However, suppose you’re still hellbent on massaging the lump. In that case, we suggest massaging in a clockwise motion with clean hands and hydrating oil. Although the ice will do most of the job for us, there’s still room for improvement. Isn’t It?

Make sure to keep a light hand and do it every day till it disappears. If not, get in touch with your esthetician right away.

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Final Words

Loving your body in all its glorious self is another quality that can help you take on the after-effects of filler treatment. Your confidence makes all the difference, so why let a few lumps and bumps stop you from showcasing your aura?

Moreover, with our tips and tricks, you can say goodbye to lip filler lumps and walk around with pride with a luscious set of plump lips and attitude.



How Do I Get Rid Of A Lump In my Lip Filler?

It’s incredibly typical to experience lumps in the lips after injectable filler; most of the time, chunks go away on their own. After the treatment, take a vitamin K pill to lessen inflammation. Ice for 10 to 15 minutes will help tone it down.

Should I massage lumps after fillers?

Not Immediately!

Wait for 5-7 days for the fillers to do their work, and then after the period ends, try using ice and a hydrating oil to gently massage and diffuse the bumps.

How Long After Lip Fillers can you massage out lumps?

At least 5-7 days of rest and a complete untouched phase are required to get the desired results and avoid any trouble.

Lip Fillers After 4 Weeks?

After four weeks, if the lip filler lumps still exist, you can get them evened out by injecting additional filler in the area around the bumps.


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