Google’s new Android 12 accessibility feature lets users control phone with face gestures

Washington [US]: American tech-giant Google is working on a new Android 12 accessibility feature to let users control their phone using facial expressions.
Mashable India quoted a report by XDADevelopers that says the ‘Camera Switches feature’, which is one of the accessibility services in the Android Accessibility Suite app, will support setting gestures to specific controls. Smiling, opening the mouth, and looking out right, left, or down are reportedly the possible gestures, the app will include.
The corresponding camera actions include getting to the homepage, scrolling backward and forward, and selecting. The app will also allow the users to adjust the gesture size and duration.
As per The Verge, the new feature would require the device’s camera to be switched on, and Android 12-enabled devices will show a standing bar indicating the camera is getting used.
The feature will reportedly use an additional battery. It is currently in beta mode and is claimed to be convenient for users with disabilities.

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