Google working to enable Android 14 smartphones to connect to satellites

Washington [United States]: Spacecraft design company SpaceX and T-Mobile lately revealed a collaboration that will enable smartphones to connect straight to satellites.
According to GSM Sector, this will be sustained by upcoming Starlink V2 satellites however will deal with existing phones since it will utilize an existing band in the PCS spectrum. Google SVP of Operatings Systems & Ecosystems Hiroshi Lockheimer introduced on Twitter that the firm is servicing building satellite interaction assistance into the following version of Android (v14).
While the existing radio hardware in the existing phone will get the job done, it’s not yet clear what software updates will be required, as per GSM Arena.
T-Mobile as well as SpaceX are anticipated to begin beta testing the brand-new satellite in late 2023 when Android 14 will arrive. Though early it will give coverage for the US, the companies intend to increase the service to cover the entire globe.
It will be sluggish, around 2 to 4Mbps per cellular zone, yet that is enough for thousands of hundreds of text. And also not simply basic SMS, MMS will be sustained as well as also “getting involved messaging apps”.
In the future, assistance for voice calls and also even mobile data will certainly be added, though the functionality for basic Web surfing is unidentified, the service needs to have enough bandwidth for 1-2,000 voice calls, which is wonderful in cases of emergency situations as well as in remote locations, reported GSM Field.

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