Former US President Bill Clinton hospitalised due to blood infection

Irvine (California) [US]: Former United States President Bill Clinton,75, has been hospitalised due to a blood infection, which is not COVID-19 related, according to a spokesperson.
Clinton was admitted to the University of California Irvine Medical Centre in California on Tuesday (local time), CNN reported. “He was not feeling well and was taken to the hospital in California’s Irvine. At that point, he was tested and it was not related to COVID-19 and not heart related as well,” said Dr Sanjay Gupta the broadcaster’s health correspondent.
Dr Gupta further said that according to doctors, Clinton was admitted to the hospital due to a blood infection known as sepsis.
“What they (doctors) are thinking is going on with the former President is a blood infection, known as Sepsis. This is an infection that is now treated with antibiotics and he is said to be responding well. He is increasingly mobile,” he said, CNN reported
Sepsis is an infection that occurs when certain chemicals released in the bloodstream to fight an infection trigger inflammation throughout the body. This can cause death in certain cases.
Gupta said there is a possibility that the former President would be discharged tomorrow.
“Those antibiotics will be continued for another day and he will be in hospital for another day and reassess him. After taking to his doctor, it is possible that he would be released tomorrow,” he added.
Clinton was in California for a private event for his foundation was feeling fatigued and was admitted to the hospital after testing, according to his office.
Clinton, had quadruple bypass heart surgery in 2004.
The former President’s hospitalisation was non-COVID-19 and non-heart-related and that he is “on the mend” and “in good spirits,” CNN quoted his spokesperson Angel Urena.
Bill Clinton served as United States’ 42nd President from 1993 to 2001.

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