Foods For Hair Growth And Thickness

With busy and hectic schedules, all of us have had a change in our diet patterns, and we have started incorporating junk into our daily lives. This has led to a lot of damage to our body, including the thickness and health of our hair. It is a well-known fact that eating right can help you get those flowing, healthy hair back, and what do we know, even better. Try incorporating some of them into your daily diet and eat them consistently to have your desired result.

1. Avocados

In addition to tasting amazing, avocados can help you in many ways as they are a great source of healthy fats. For the promotion of hair growth, vitamin E is one which is very essential, and avocados are filled with vitamin E. It also protects the scalp from oxidative stress and damage, which helps one in preventing poor hair quality and fewer hair follicles.

2. Citrus fruits

Just like vitamin E, vitamin C is equally essential for your body for iron efficiency. This vitamin C can also help in production of collagen, helping you get your dreamy, shiny hair.

3. Spinach

Well, we don’t think there is an introduction on how spinach is beneficial for your body. But what we don’t know is about its benefits for hair. Rich with nutrients like iron, vitamins A and C, spinach is really helpful to promote hair growth. It is a great source of iron, and helps produce sebum which helps in keeping your scalp hydrated and healthy.

4. Carrot

Filled with vitamin A, carrots have a lot of benefits for your hair. They can help make your hair stronger, longer and thicker. It is also beneficial for improving your blood circulation and prevent the growth of grey hair.

5. Nuts

We have got to agree that including nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc., is one of the easiest one in comparison to others. And when they are filled with nutrients like vitamins E, B, and healthy fats, which help promote hair growth, it is an added on advantage.

6. Chia Seeds

We all know about the benefits of including chia seeds in your diet. They can be really helpful for hair growth as well. Rich with proteins, healthy fats, zinc, chia seeds can help you achieve your desired hair growth if you have it consistently.

7. Eggs

We all know that eggs are a great source of protein for the body. Also, they contain biotin, and when both are combines, they can do wonders for your hair. Having a deficiency of any one of them can result in hair loss and damage. Thus, including eggs in your diet can help you prevent it from happening.

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